GRAPHIC VIDEO: Monkey Attack Caught On Tape

(Headline in the Huffington Post, 11/17/11)

I picked up my son Saturday morning. Outing with divorced dad. A beautiful day.

My son wasn’t mad at me, or bitter that I had moved out. We got along. He was excited to visit the new primate exhibit at the zoo.

We stood in line for tickets. Everyone wanted to see the monkeys. The new enclosure was extensive. A zoo is a jail, I suppose, but this jail, for the monkeys at least, was more pleasant than usual. There were many new apes, some quite wild. We spent a long time admiring them and their antics. Zoo personnel went in and out of the enclosure several times, always careful to keep the gates locked. No one wanted a wild ape running loose.

We took a break for some lunch. Spent a pleasant half-hour at a table in the sun, eating zoo food. Talked about mom and me and why we were apart.

As we were leaving, we heard some crowd noise down a side path.

His mom was waiting to pick up our son at the gate. We were friendly with each other, she and I, but a little formal. After she had pulled away from the curb, with the boy waving to me from the passenger’s seat, I turned and walked back to my new apartment.

3 Responses

  1. My wife and I took our granddaughter to the zoo. We discussed the hippopotamus. Although a vegetarian, it is one of the most dangerous mammals known. AE (our granddaughter) was very impressed when I read the sign indicating that a hippo can bite a crocodile in half.

    If you have a pet crocodile, teach it not to mess with hippos.

    After 45 years of marriage my wife and I often snap at each other, but both of us are alive and still married to the other. I am channeling the ghost of Sarte for insight.

  2. i guess zoos are great for kids…me? i hate ’em. like u say it’s a jail for animals. anyway, continue…

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