Pulling Back the Sheet



We have visited many countries, stayed over in many hotels and hostels and these days, in private rooms and homes to let, and yet somehow my wife has never seen a bedbug until now.

birds rest in thick reeds
a scream as heron visits
this migrant hotel

For Haibun Thinking


now in warmer times

some birds no longer fly south

to us they vanish


For Haiku Horizons

Secret Love

my mind and the world
the future becomes the past
secret love abides


For Heeding Haiku


That look in the wolf’s
eye may be caused by moonlight
but it’s not desire


For In Other Words

Our President’s Flower: The Wild Rose

dawn dew on wild rose
our president reaches out
and thorns prick his hand


For Frank’s Haikai Challenge

PgMe’s Friday Haiku Challenge: Orphan & Grieving

forest orphans stop
grieving or soon depart for
animal heaven


For PgMe’s Friday Haiku Challenge

Haiku Challenge: Character and Affection

vixen leaves the den
in heavy rain bringing a
mouse to her snared cub


for Colleen’s Weekly Challenge