“The Shape of Heavy Water” Sues “The Shape of Water”

Sid Goldstein at Shande Pictures in Van Nuys informs me that his production company is suing Fox Searchlight for stealing copyrighted material from Shande.

“We made a sweet little picture and we turn around and Searchlight with their budget steals our ideas and beats us to market,” Goldstein tells me. “I knew a guy who knew a guy who could let us have all the heavy water we wanted on our project for such a price. That stuff has a, you know, a newton? or whatever, an extra one in every atom. Whatever you want to do with water, now you’ve got something to work with. Then Searchlight uses plain old tap water and their guy, the one who hooks up with the girl, he’s thin, he’s a broomstick. And then what? Oscar talk.”

“I like a heavy guy,” Zie Foyt told me. “I want something to grab on to. I’m no little fairy princess myself. I need a guy who won’t buckle when the going gets rough.”

“It was always like this,” Goldstein said. “I remember back in ’92, we were making a nice little film, “The Smells of a Woman” I think it was titled and bam, here comes furshlugginer¬†Universal Pictures with “Scent of a Woman” and Pacino wins an Oscar. See, what it was, they just concentrated on one smell, like a lady’s perfume or something, and ignored all the rest of her “scents.” What can you do with people like that?”