nature’s water flows
in rivers but sometimes will
come out and drown us

for Crimson’s Creative Challenge


the earth keeps warming
with attendant extinctions
we say i miss you

for Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge


when man closes doors
nature doesn’t open windows
the windows stay shut

for Ronovan Writes


Forever, circling back to again, always.

for Six Word Story Prompt


nature made anger
and in summer meadows the
graves of our fallen

for Haiku Challenge


tropical downpour
noisy in the rainforest
no clothing required

for Weekend Writing Prompt

champ or chump

chic or cheesy
chilled or chafed
cheery chum or chagrined charlatan
charming chica or cheeky chit
charismatic chieftian or characterless churl
choir-boy child or cheating chap
chosen chairwoman or challenged chauvinist
chipper chancellor or chary chaperone
charitable character or chastising cheapskate
charging champion or chaotic chatterbox
chateaubriand or cheesburger
chess or checkers
change or changelessness
chocolate chickens or cheap cheeps
chop chewer or chow chomper

for Stream of Consciousness Saturday (SoCS)