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as earth’s surface warms
sunlight’s pressure grows stronger
cooler underground

for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

love match

My parents wanted me married, out of the house. My father was a no-account with a rum blossom on his nose; my mother constantly urged me to go into town and gather orange blossoms (look for a wife, if you’re not from around here).

I went into town, and found a young woman just ready to bloom, to come into blossom. She was a vivacious young creature, rejecting the beaux buzzing about her, her cap set for a young man ready to blossom into something himself. As it happens, her name was Blossom.

Love blossomed, as did we both.

for Carrot Ranch Friday Flash Fiction Challenge


horses were too small to carry humans
we bred them to grow
we rode them and they pulled our wagons and plows
we replaced them
now when we ride them
we’re just horsing around

for Crimson’s Creative Challenge


“ok, ladies, fan out.”
“i’m not a fan of this.”
“you’ve got a case of the fantods. it’ll be fantastic.”
“i don’t fancy our chances. aren’t we just fanning the flames?”
“you signed up. don’t be a fair-weather fan.”
“i’m worried it’s all going to hit the fan.”
“quit fanning the breeze and get to it, fancy pants. show them some fancy footwork.”
“fancy-schmancy. doing fandangos and fan-dances in front of all these lonely guys could cause a riot. I don’t fancy our chances.”
“that’s a fantasy. these aren’t fanatics, they’re fanboys.”
“they may start fantasizing.”
“if they touch your fanny, show them your fangs.”

for Stream of Consicousness Saturday


morning mist burns off
merlin overhead hunts breakfast
i live by myself

for Thursday Photo Prompt

Spell of Invisibility

Photo credit: Image by loulou Nash from Pixabay

to become unseen first remove your clotheen
this spell does not work on your tutu or muumuu

if you’re a kid don’t you dare become bare
spells come from hell so you have messed up
get back dressed up

now that you grownups are naked it’s time to get bak-ed
find some prime chronic and smoke it like tonic

repeat that last step, beth, but this time with meth
now crunched, dude, you got to get krunked

repeat that last step, bloke, but this time with coke
now blowed, vato, you got to get throwed

and now you’re ready to go, baby
and i don’t mean maybe

walk out on the street
go on
no one can see you
but take it slow, bro

note: avoid invisibility cloaks. your feet hang out.

for Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest