Wordle Challenge

to treat a fairy with cancer
of her transparent wings
whether to cure her
or effect a suppression of the symptoms
i assure you this
sounding far-fetched
but etched in elfame granite
cannot go sideways:
begin with chamomile
end with bleach


For Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie


spoke today to a
highly placed religious
who tells me
is considering another


For Daily Post


“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. My last confession was yesterday and my sins are that I compromised twice today.”

“You don’t have to bring this in here every day.”

“Should I count bringing it in as a sin too?”

“No, but try to exercise a measure of forbearance. Did you compromise with someone else for a change.”

“No, not with someone else. Like yesterday and the other days, I compromised with myself. I knew that what I wanted to do was a sin, but I felt that if I didn’t do it, I was probably hurting myself in some way by holding off. It sure felt that way. I got pretty desperate.”

“We’ve talked about this. It won’t injure you to hold off. Not holding off is a sin; it’s not a compromise. You’re giving in. That’s not the same thing.”

“Is it a mortal sin?”

“It is a gravely disordered action, but a mortal sin is done deliberately, knowing that it is not what God wishes for us and without any regard for that. You are an immature adolescent, which probably lessens your responsibility in this. God knows that we will sometimes fail but He does expect us to do our best to live according to His ways. He knows when we have done all we can to resist sin. If we have done that and have acknowledged and confessed our sin, then we can rest in the knowledge that we have done our best, and that He will forgive us.”

“So should I come tell you every time I do it?”

“Let’s you and I compromise. I’ll keep you in my prayers, you attend Mass, and the rest we’ll leave for now between you and God.”

“Can I compromise with Him too?”


For Daily Post


“Why do I have to drive all the way over to Bryceton for ice? I can buy all we need at Hinton’s.”

“The ice here isn’t cold enough. We’ll be up in the mountains for a while.”

“Not cold enough? Ice is ice.”

“Nah. The ice for sale at Hinton’s melts easy. The plant over in Bryceton makes ice that lasts. It’s much colder and you can get it in bigger blocks.”

“What about dry ice?”

“That would freeze grandpa solid. We want to preserve him but we don’t want to have to thaw him out for the funeral.”


For Carrot Ranch

No Blemishes


Blemish? There will be no blemishes!

Picture that empty bay full of beautiful sailboats. Speedboats. Water skiers. Jet skis. In other words, folks having fun.

Those hills? Picture them lined with hotels. Nice highway leading in. Power lines. Gas stations. In other words, civilization. Carved right out of the damned wilderness.

As the chairman of the permit process, you’ll always be in our hearts. We’ll name a street after you. Also a park we’ll build after we clear out a lot of that forest there. There will always be a suite for you in the best hotel, with special hotel assistants haha to help you with your every need.

We understand that getting the permits signed is a tough business. You’ve got to deal with the other board members. For that reason, we’ll not only reward you financially for your time, but provide enough extra for you to use convincing them to go along with us. Plus, we’ll give you a little piece of the total casio action.

Instead of “blemish,” let’s agree on the word “beautify.”



For Pic and a Word


“Present your present to him.”

“Now, Sir?”

“Presently. After they present arms.”

“That should present no problems, Sir.”

“No, but I have presentiments. I won’t be present when you do it.”

“Don’t worry, Sir. The present to present is present. Sir”


For Daily Prompt



My wife and I were raised in homes that believed in modern-day revelation. Our lives were organized in important ways around revelation.

In the bustle of modern life, away from our childhood religious communities, we slowly lost our faith. We came to miss the guiding hand of revelation. We felt rudderless, if I may mix my metaphors.

So we decided to provide revelations for each other. If the candle was lit, a written revelation was to be found under it.

We got off to a rocky start. To my wife it was revealed that she’d look better as a blonde, and wearing four-inch heels around the house might be a good idea, especially near bedtime. To me it was revealed that I was a jerk. That nobody likes me, including my wife.

To my wife it was then revealed that I’d be stopping at the Pole Heaven Lounge on my way home after work. It was revealed to me that if another car was in our driveway, I was to just keep on driving.

More revelations followed, until the candle began to assume some of the blame. Our experiment ended when the candle burnt down our house.

Now we are homeless. No candle, but we decided to continue with the revelations, in the belief that knowing is better than not knowing. Ignorance is not bliss in our case, but longing.

Now, if one of us finds the spread-out front page of a free newspaper covering our shopping cart, underneath it will be a revelation scrawled on butcher paper with a pencil stub, emphasizing love and forgiveness. Not necessarily of each other but, you know, avoiding the truth.


For Weekend Writing Prompt