indoors and outdoors

there are no indoors in the outdoors
except those we build
caves and hollow logs and beaver lodges don’t count
foxes and badgers don’t go indoors

when it rains humans go indoors
other animals shelter in dens or
under bushes

unlike indoors where plastic
is found on shelves and tables
in the great outdoors plastic
is found on the gound and in the water

for Three Things Challenge


suddenly color
emerges as the clouds part
permission to paint

for Three Things Challenge

Christmas Spirit

Alastair and Ansley are aristocratic twins. Alastair is herald to the queen. When he sings in the shower, his brother pops into the bathing area and commences his own song, overtopping his brother with

Hark the herald numbskull sings, glory to the rather elderly queen.

and forthwith, dueling in volume, will his brother respond with

Joy to the world, the fool hath come.

and next their dad, with

Silent night, holy night, or you’re both banished to the unheated servant’s quarters.

for The 3 Things Challenge


excited insect
trades group security for
trap of spider’s lace

for Three Things Challenge