what do you think of marci?

dude, she’s captivating.

what? who says captivating? that’s something you’d read in a fashion review… so you think she’s pretty?

i don’t know about that. cute, maybe? interesting? the main thing is, she seems nice. she’s… perky? does that sound dumb?

nah. she’s perky. they say she’s also smart.

yeah, that too. she’s, you know, got my interest. i’m captivated.

so you going to ask her for a date?

i think she’s out of my league.

how can you be captivated if you won’t ask her out for a date?

because i can’t stop thinking about her.


For Daily Post

The words blurred into one another…

The words blurred into one another, every yellowed page like the one before.

“What does it say?”

“I can’t tell. The words are blurred one into another.”

“Two-by-two? Can you…?”

“No, all the words on the page are one big blur.”

“How can a word at the beginning of the page blur into a word at the end of the page?”

“It’s just one big blur, ok? Maybe each word blurs into the next. One into another. Maybe each word is just sitting there blurred by itself. All I know is, you can’t read anything. Not a single word. All blurred into one another.”

“Seems like if they all… Never mind. Try the next page.”

“The next page is yellowed too. It’s like the one before.”

“Try the page after that.”

“Every page is like the one before.”

“So what you’re telling me is, the thing is one big blur.”

“Probably got wet. A long time ago.”

“So we’ve got no idea what it’s about? It could be about anything. It’s a worthless book.”

“Well, it’s not the only book. There’s a pile of them.”

“Have you checked the others or just this one?”

“Every one is like the one before.”


For¬†Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie



“This argument is going nowhere.”

“Going in circles, true that.”

“Let’s start over.”

“Hit restart.”

“Forget everything we’ve said.”

“No. The opposite. Go over what happened in detail. Word-by-word and what we were feeling and what we were hearing and what we were thinking.”

“I hate it when we do that. Drives me nuts. You can out-talk me every time. You’re a better arguer. I don’t want you talking yourself out of this.”

“If we had a video, we’d replay it. Same thing, only with words.”

“You’re not hearing me. You’re better with words.”

“If I’m better with words, how come we end up going in circles? We have to argue in a different way.”

“You’re going it again, but ok, look. What happens is, we go back and forth too fast. There’s this feedback thing that happens. It’s how we get caught in a loop. Let’s try it slower. When you start talking a mile a minute I can’t think straight. I just begin to resent you.”

“I can go slower, but you’re the impatient one.”

“Show me you’re listening to me and not just waiting to set me straight and I’ll be a lot more patient.”

“Ok… Slowing down… Hit restart.”



For Daily Post

Maybe it’s time.

“Maybe it’s time.”

“You know it’s time. It’s been time. I’m tired of waiting.”

“Whoa there. Slow down. I’m saying, look, I’m thinking about it.”

“Stop thinking. Start doing.”

“The thing is, maybe it’s not time. I’m thinking it’s almost time. Not quite time.”

“How many times have we had this conversation?”

“What about you? It’s not time for a lot of your things.”

“You want to trade? I’ll do some of my not-time things if you’ll do this.”

“This is a big thing. You’d have to do lots of yours.”

“Shall we make a list?”

“Look, it’s not the same. You can just do your things. But the time has to be right to do this thing. Just right.”

“The time was right from the beginning. It’s right now. The only thing wrong is you.”

“That’s not fair.”

“For you, the time will never be right. Or maybe it will. Or maybe it’ll be too late when it’s right for you, too late for me, the wrong time for me. I need someone whose time is now, whose time is right for me.”

“Look, slow down. Take it easy. Yes, we’ve talked about this a lot. Yes, I’ve dragged my feet a little. But ok, maybe it is time. I just said that.”

“You know it’s time.”

“Ok. Ok. It’s time. Happy? It’s time. I agree with you. It’s time.”

“Now it’s time. Now. Right now.”

“Yes. Right now. I’m thinking about it right now. About it being now. I’m thinking about it seriously now. Right now. Considering it.”


For Everyday Gyaan


“Our arguments are encrusted with memories. Encrusted in memory.”

“Forget this argument. That’s your poetry problem right there.”


“Your poetry is encrusted with words like encrusted.”

“It’s a very good word.”

“And never use very.”

“How about this? Your eyes are encrusted this morning.”

“Eww. When I visit, I notice that your bathroom facilities are encrusted.”

“So what’s a better word for the memories hanging over our arguments, Ms. Smarty?”

“Encumbered? Nah. Our memories whisper as… Nah. Memories weigh down our words… Hell, I’m no poet… Wait… Our arguments are encrusted with the fact that you’re a moron.”

“I could use that.”


For Daily Post