“Our arguments are encrusted with memories. Encrusted in memory.”

“Forget this argument. That’s your poetry problem right there.”


“Your poetry is encrusted with words like encrusted.”

“It’s a very good word.”

“And never use very.”

“How about this? Your eyes are encrusted this morning.”

“Eww. When I visit, I notice that your bathroom facilities are encrusted.”

“So what’s a better word for the memories hanging over our arguments, Ms. Smarty?”

“Encumbered? Nah. Our memories whisper as… Nah. Memories weigh down our words… Hell, I’m no poet… Wait… Our arguments are encrusted with the fact that you’re a moron.”

“I could use that.”


For Daily Post

2 Responses

  1. This made me LOL! 🙂

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