“This argument is going nowhere.”

“Going in circles, true that.”

“Let’s start over.”

“Hit restart.”

“Forget everything we’ve said.”

“No. The opposite. Go over what happened in detail. Word-by-word and what we were feeling and what we were hearing and what we were thinking.”

“I hate it when we do that. Drives me nuts. You can out-talk me every time. You’re a better arguer. I don’t want you talking yourself out of this.”

“If we had a video, we’d replay it. Same thing, only with words.”

“You’re not hearing me. You’re better with words.”

“If I’m better with words, how come we end up going in circles? We have to argue in a different way.”

“You’re going it again, but ok, look. What happens is, we go back and forth too fast. There’s this feedback thing that happens. It’s how we get caught in a loop. Let’s try it slower. When you start talking a mile a minute I can’t think straight. I just begin to resent you.”

“I can go slower, but you’re the impatient one.”

“Show me you’re listening to me and not just waiting to set me straight and I’ll be a lot more patient.”

“Ok… Slowing down… Hit restart.”



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  1. Ha. Great response to the prompt.

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