Prompt: fine

please watch your brother while i’m gone.


you only say fine when it’s not fine. you don’t want to watch him?

i said it was fine.

the day is fine. i’m feeling fine. you are not fine.

i didn’t say i was fine.

why aren’t you fine?

i got a fine.


driving. i mean, i got a ticket. i’ve got to pay a fine.

well, young lady, isn’t that just fine.


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Wordle Challenge

to treat a fairy with cancer
of her transparent wings
whether to cure her
or effect a suppression of the symptoms
i assure you this
sounding far-fetched
but etched in elfame granite
cannot go sideways:
begin with chamomile
end with bleach


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I’m homeless.

I suffer from homelessness.

I’m homelessnessetic.

I wander the neighborhood homelessnessly.

I’ve adapted because I’m homelessnessable.

I was homelessnessed quite a while ago.

I’ve been homelessnessing with a light heart.

You could say I’m a homelessnessette.

I’m homelessnessful.

I blame society for homelessnessifying me.

I suffer from homelessnessalgia.

Thank you, thank you. Can I borrow five bucks?


For Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

These boots are made for walkin…

How does that thing go? “I cried because I had no boots until I met a man who had no feet”? Or was it “I cried because I had no feet until I met a man who had no legs”?

Are those meant to be funny, or inspirational? I myself cried because I had no boots until I subsequently fell off a horse and got paralyzed from the waist down.

So if those sayings are meant to be funny, I’m not laughing.

But what I’m really not laughing about is these boots made for walking that you hear about. I was born and raised on a ranch in Montana and until I lost my legs, you couldn’t keep me off a horse. I was a true cowboy.

Now comes these cowboys who don’t want to hurt a horse. Won’t get on one. These cowboys walk everywhere. Their ranches are a lot smaller because they can’t get around. They’re turning into sheep herders.

It gets my goat (not my sheep) that Nike and New Balance and Adidas and Under Armor are selling these boots made for walking. Who wants a boot with a swoosh? Who wants a boot meant for a marathon? What’s happening to the Old West?

To be honest, though, I did cry because I had no legs until I met my friend Al.


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The words blurred into one another…

The words blurred into one another, every yellowed page like the one before.

“What does it say?”

“I can’t tell. The words are blurred one into another.”

“Two-by-two? Can you…?”

“No, all the words on the page are one big blur.”

“How can a word at the beginning of the page blur into a word at the end of the page?”

“It’s just one big blur, ok? Maybe each word blurs into the next. One into another. Maybe each word is just sitting there blurred by itself. All I know is, you can’t read anything. Not a single word. All blurred into one another.”

“Seems like if they all… Never mind. Try the next page.”

“The next page is yellowed too. It’s like the one before.”

“Try the page after that.”

“Every page is like the one before.”

“So what you’re telling me is, the thing is one big blur.”

“Probably got wet. A long time ago.”

“So we’ve got no idea what it’s about? It could be about anything. It’s a worthless book.”

“Well, it’s not the only book. There’s a pile of them.”

“Have you checked the others or just this one?”

“Every one is like the one before.”


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a bove

My native tongues are Quechua and Hmong. I learned Quechua at the knee of my father. I learned Hmong at the knee of my mother.

I am learning English at my own knee. (I am left-kneed.) (I have only one tongue haha.)

The daily prompt for today is for a bove. I have looked up what is a bove. This is a person who must do what other people says. A bove is below everyone.

My friend Leej has told me this is irony. As I take vitamins every day, I am quite irony, but I am not a bove. I feel that I am at a higher level or layer than a bove,


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