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tiny writing


This poor guy.

He’s trying to write the Declaration of Indepence on a tiny scroll.

He’ll never do it! His writing is too large. It’s like when your kid wants to write Happy Birthday on a piece of paper and he or she starts out with big letters and they get smaller and smaller across the page until the kid is writing sideways to fit it all in.


When I was young, I heard about writing on the head of a pin. The pointy part, I assumed. Also about angels standing on the head of a pin.

What I wanted was the Holy Bible written there. When I got older, I knew a guy who knew a guy. This guy had equipment. He showed it to me. He did the job for me. I carry the pin wrapped in kleenex next to my heart.

I can’t read it because that would take more equipment, but I never read it anyway.


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my husband is not the typical husband

he is the stereotypical atypical husband

that is, more caring than the norm,

if what my friends tell me, represents the norm

he is prototypically unusual

yet within the marriage he is an

archetype of typicality

of being typical of himself

angel that he is, i must learn

to endure his foibles


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