we were destined for a rough storm

rough as an agitated malamute

as we commuted

but the sentence was commuted

the violent rugged vicious brutal tempest

mutated  transmuted  permuted

calmed  calming   calm

eased  easing   at ease




For Weekly Writing Challenge

love token

he called it a love token

i call it a baby


when grown

will be nothing like his father

my kiss his love token

and for his father



For dVerse


perrenials rest
through winter then revive to
join young annuals


For Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday

please stay on the trail


as kids we took quicksand seriously. we lived on the edge of a swamp and in the movies bad guys were always being swallowed up. course we didn’t have many paths to stay on. turned out, though, it was a burnt-out hollow in a sawmill sawdust hill that claimed one of us.


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For Twittering Tales


honey, i’ve been promoted.

wonderful! to what?

branch manager.

wow. the company’s branching out? opening a branch office? where?

some little town in the middle of montana.

huh. how many in the office?

just me at first.

that’s a branch? sounds more like a twig. or a bud.

they told me branches start out small like that, and branch managers too. for example, branch rickey signed with the st. louis browns in 1905 and look, he went on to introduce jackie robinson to major league baseball. the branch davidians started out small and…

whoa right there. aren’t those the guys that were at waco?

well, yeah. but that was later and they had a compound there, not an office.

i need a drink.

bourbon and branch water?


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