44 words: not a fire drill

great balls of fire

the fat’s hitting the fire


now catch fire

breathe fire

you ball of fire

show me the fire

in your eyes

in your belly

down below

it’s your baptism of fire


fire your weapon

before i fire you


For dVerse

a wordle

our tradition has been to stay awake all night on the date of the tragedy, scantily clad in nightware, mumbling prayers that vaunt the dead as cyan candles burn, mementos of the explosion set out before us on the table, sealed with paraffin, while the less faithful nod and gradually fall asleep, the plops of a dripping faucet the only sound in the room.

and by the way, in our day and time does the word “clad” own the word “scantily”?


For Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and Wordle


thunderstorm arrives
wind rises; chance lightning bolt
strips slim tree of bark


For Ronovan Writes


what do you think of marci?

dude, she’s captivating.

what? who says captivating? that’s something you’d read in a fashion review… so you think she’s pretty?

i don’t know about that. cute, maybe? interesting? the main thing is, she seems nice. she’s… perky? does that sound dumb?

nah. she’s perky. they say she’s also smart.

yeah, that too. she’s, you know, got my interest. i’m captivated.

so you going to ask her for a date?

i think she’s out of my league.

how can you be captivated if you won’t ask her out for a date?

because i can’t stop thinking about her.


For Daily Post