haiku – ripple, wind

wind rubs the water
breeze pushing ripples and the
hurricane tall waves

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Haiku – Beacons

beacons or warnings
nature doesn’t specify
we’ll find out later

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Haiku – Fathers

fathers and their sons
gliding through time and silent
transparent water

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One-Liner Wednesday

i’m always late because i’ve been waiting all my life¬† –¬† me


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It’s not so much a misunderstanding as a case of your pig-headedness getting in the way of reason.


For One-Liner Wednesday

please stay on the trail


as kids we took quicksand seriously. we lived on the edge of a swamp and in the movies bad guys were always being swallowed up. course we didn’t have many paths to stay on. turned out, though, it was a burnt-out hollow in a sawmill sawdust hill that claimed one of us.


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“You’re dim.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means you’re stupid.”

“I’m not stupid.”

“Stupid people don’t know they’re stupid.”

“I hear people say they’re stupid all the time.”

“Those are the smart ones, say that.”

“That don’t make any sense.”

“To you it don’t, because you’re stupid.”

“Ok… I’m stupid.”

“Now you’re wising up.”



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