assay the biome

golden fields spring and summer

water full of lead


For Daily  Post

pie encrustation

learned to make pie today. you get a lot of ingredients together and then you encrust them.

but the funny thing is, you make the crust first and it sits there encrusting… what?… the air?… my le creuset 9″ pie dish (hibiscus in color)?…

and when you dump the ingredients into it, it only encrusts the bottom and sides. in the case of this pie, i partially encrusted the top with criss-crossed strips of crust, but they tell me most pies just sit there naked on top.


For Daily Post


five years of practice.

my mind finally still

enlightenment finds me

but my heart remains sad


For In Other Words

Months with an R

clams to be eaten
in futami split open
as autumn departs


For Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille


“Our arguments are encrusted with memories. Encrusted in memory.”

“Forget this argument. That’s your poetry problem right there.”


“Your poetry is encrusted with words like encrusted.”

“It’s a very good word.”

“And never use very.”

“How about this? Your eyes are encrusted this morning.”

“Eww. When I visit, I notice that your bathroom facilities are encrusted.”

“So what’s a better word for the memories hanging over our arguments, Ms. Smarty?”

“Encumbered? Nah. Our memories whisper as… Nah. Memories weigh down our words… Hell, I’m no poet… Wait… Our arguments are encrusted with the fact that you’re a moron.”

“I could use that.”


For Daily Post


“How much farther?”

“I don’t know. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.”

“Let’s take a break.”

“If we stop, we won’t start again.”

“Is this a whiteout?”

“This is every shade of gray God has invented.”

clear mist wets black skin
boots sink in powdered snowdrift
gray swaddles the land

For Haibun Monday


“It’s a gray area.”

“How is wrong a gray area? Wrong is black, not white.”

“Sometimes wrong should be right. Sometimes what’s right is wrong.”

“For you, it’s all gray.  You don’t know what’s right or wrong. For you, it’s all should, not is. Facts are facts. True is true.”

“I don’t believe that and I’m scared. If everything is gray, there’s no contrast. Something bad could be sneaking up on you.”

moon casts no color
gleam of deer eye wide for light
gray shadow gray wolf


For Haibun Monday