Luanda, Angola

Last time I was here, in 1975, the city held half a million souls and was a comfortable place to be. The Portuguese had just left, though many of their countrymen remained. Then a civil war that lasted until 2002 drove refugees to the city. Now there are 8 million residents, sprawling slums, and from the picture, you can guess why malaria is a big problem.

Luanda is the largest Portuguese-speaking city in the world. Many Brazilians, growing number of Chinese and Vietnamese. Plus a few ex-pat buddies of mine.

That’s me on the right. A few Angolans are very, very rich and a lot of Angolans are very, very poor. Lowest life expectancy in Africa, last time I checked.

It’s a country rich in resources and there is a lot of building going on, including some to help replace the slums. Fingers crossed, but climate change threatens Luanda five different ways.

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