nature creates rock
that man can work into art
that nature can change

For I Write Her Haiku/Senryu Challenge


the bear understands refraction
when he pokes his paw into the stream
he doesn’t put it where the fish appears to be
but where it is

all the bears that couldn’t learn that trick
long ago moved on to become ancestors
of the clever bears
now we also have tricks to learn

for Putting My Feet in the Dirt


cats can be doubtful
putting out tentative paw
like my shaking hand

for Daily Addictions


what’s missing in these woods
butterflies that i liked
gone forever

for Ragtag Daily Prompt


winter means sleep for
many creatures; for old men
it means getting done

for The Daily Spur


fundamental truth
whatever time may be
mine/yours/ours is running out

for Your Daily Word Prompt


california grass
more native or invasive
mostly invasive

for Word of the Day Challenge


in the storm, a cannon broke loose and rolled across the deck
heavy, dangerous, and out of control
bruce, our ship’s other loose cannon
heavy, dangerous, and out of control
chased after it, pounced on it, and secured it

for Saturday Mix – Mad About Metaphor


some dogs like water
now with melt and drenching storms
all dogs must like it

for Photo Challenge #281

my inheritance

Photo by Tama66 at Pixabay.com

my eccentric rich uncle passed away and left me a huge trunk. i knew that he had collected numerous treasures. i opened the trunk with trembling hands. slow work with all the locks.

inside, i found nested trunks all the way down to a pillbox that held four aspirins. child dose.

for Twittering Tales