asphalt blur car city

desert night highway
last light on the horizon
peyote enhanced

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Photo from Morguefile

For thousands of years, the Mglingu of Nili in the Partha archipelago have offered prayers invoking the seasonal rains (and snows in the mountains) that have allowed their island to flourish. As part of their prayer cycles and attendant rituals, the tribe constructs totemic blooms of straw mounted on fibrous stems to mimic the desired floral fertility they are praying for. These are shown above.

This year, due to rising sea levels that threaten the island, as well as continued droughts, the tribal shamen have advised substituting pieces of giant barrel sponge (Xestospongia muta) growing on the offshore corals for the straw, thus “killing two birds with one stone,” an expression that the Mglingu dislike intensely.

for Sunday Photo Fiction

Luanda, Angola

Last time I was here, in 1975, the city held half a million souls and was a comfortable place to be. The Portuguese had just left, though many of their countrymen remained. Then a civil war that lasted until 2002 drove refugees to the city. Now there are 8 million residents, sprawling slums, and from the picture, you can guess why malaria is a big problem.

Luanda is the largest Portuguese-speaking city in the world. Many Brazilians, growing number of Chinese and Vietnamese. Plus a few ex-pat buddies of mine.

That’s me on the right. A few Angolans are very, very rich and a lot of Angolans are very, very poor. Lowest life expectancy in Africa, last time I checked.

It’s a country rich in resources and there is a lot of building going on, including some to help replace the slums. Fingers crossed, but climate change threatens Luanda five different ways.

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that particular time of day

sunset’s afterglow
the afterlight, evening’s onset, eventide
the gloaming, the dimness of light’s ebb
then dusky, crepuscular half-light at nightfall
and of course all of it a metaphor for the last phase of senescence

for Thursday Photo Prompt

Long Time No See

Image by Cyranny

Hi, all. Been a while since I wrote. Just found this old photo of the fountain in front of the house. Bruce was the model for the statue, you probably recall.

Not a lot to tell since last I wrote. Adjusting to all the changes here. Not like it used to be, that’s for sure. We keep an eye on your situation as well. I’m sure you’re coping somehow. You’re all so smart and strong.

Miss you. Think of you every day.

By the way, the seawater has got up to Bruce-the-statue’s neck by now. Still rising.

Love to all.


for 100 Word Wednesday

Lambs and Lions

Isaiah 11:6

Actually, Isaiah refers to a lion and a fatted calf, and a lamb and a wolf, but the idea is the same. The lamb and the lion will lie down together even if the Bible doesn’t explicitly say so.

If you are staging this in a play, feed the lion first. We are not yet quite in the Millennium.

But how close are we to the golden age to come? The lamb population is increasing, especially in New Zealand, but the lion population is decreasing, especially in Africa. This ratio change is also true in zoos. The rise of the petting zoo has increased the demand for lambs. You get a good lamb and it quickly grows up at the zoo and has to be shipped out to a sheep ranch.

Also, lions are still eating meat. Hopefully the current trend in pet-food vegetable protein can be applied to this problem. Good sign: folks in America are eating less lamb. Americans favor the cow (to the disapprobation of the Indian subcontinent) and pig (ditto Israel).

Finally, the lion and lamb may have to lay together rather than lie together. Over the past decade or two, “lay” has continued to replace “lie” in the vernacular.

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withdraw from your life
observe the world without you
draw your conclusions

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haiku plus

cat watches bluebird
electricity provides
then fuse blows indoors

that’s it in a nutshell. cat waits awhile but master has gone to the store. old-school, cat mopes outside, catches bird and plays with it but really, hanging out in the house, food and water dishes handy, is the way to go. Streaming while relaxing.

Photo courtesy of Sue-Z
for Sunday Photo Fiction

please stay on the trail


as kids we took quicksand seriously. we lived on the edge of a swamp and in the movies bad guys were always being swallowed up. course we didn’t have many paths to stay on. turned out, though, it was a burnt-out hollow in a sawmill sawdust hill that claimed one of us.


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Photo by Photo by Dan Gold at Unsplash.com
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The beauty in nature


“All right, boys, have you got your binoculars and reptile guides at the ready?”


“You are about to be treated to the sighting of a lifetime, something few nature enthusiasts, even experienced testudinologists, have ever seen on this coast: the Croxley Softshell freshwater turtle. Have you got your cameras?”


“Then let’s move quietly to the crest and shelter behind that Alnus serrulata as we peek over. The Croxley is a shy beast. Make no sound…

“Rise up slowly, binoculars ready… Steady on…”

“Wow. Is that…?”

“Yes, Alex. Those are Croxleys, sure enough.”

“No. Matt, do you see? On the blanket to the left of the pond.”

“It can’t be. Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba…?”

“What?…Boys, keep it down. Stop squealing. The turtles are restless.”

“Jeez, they’re beautiful. Getting the full tan, they are.”

“My camera’s got a telephoto lens. Look at these shots!”

“I’ll look later. Jessica’s eating grapes.”

“Crikey. Now you’ve done it, lads. The Croxleys have fled.”

“Sir, we’re going down to get autographs, if you don’t mind.”


Image © Deborah Whittam
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