ante us, no “sorry”
the carnivores eat their fill
mostly we do too

for Tale Weaver


the big cat pauses
ears catch a sound in the night
for me it’s a mouse

for Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille

birthday surprise

i had an idea for a birthday surprise gift. it was complicated but once i got my head wrapped around it, i got busy, all wrapped up in it. but keeping it under wraps. and now finally i was wrapping it with birthday wrap. humming some rap. wrapping it up for the woman who could wrap me around her little finger. it was a wrap … then i heard a rap at the door. it was her. doubts. what if she hated it. was not rapt. thought i was dumb, which would be a bad rap, a bum rap. what if she rapped my knuckles. geez, women are riddles wrapped in mysteries wrapped in enigmas.

for Stream of Consciousness Saturday


gregarious ducks
will hang out with each other
and sometimes with us

for Fandango’s One-word Challenge


alarmed animals
the forest burns so quickly
homeowners follow

for The Daily Spur


horse wouldn’t run
i switched switches
switched it again, which acted like a switch
and the horse ran

for Ragtag Daily Prompt


signs in our marshes
indicate a duck decrease
unsure of the cause

for Your Daily Word Prompt


obedient cubs
follow all mom’s instructions
kids not as careful

for Word of the Day Challenge