Inner Beauty

Outer beauty, in the eye of the beholder.
Inner beauty, in the heart of the beholder.

for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt


wild urban turkeys
on allston roofs wicked smart
gobble through the night

for Word of the Day Challenge

First Contact

Here’s a photo of the first alien to contact earth – presenting himself as a dude with long blond hair and noticeable hips. A Viking effect.

We see him standing in front of the US DOD Intergalactic Message Board, which has been designed to facilitate communication between the Free World’s military and whichever extraterrestrials, using binary code. We are told that after studying the board for some minutes, the alien, named by the press “Eric the Blond,” requested that in addition to all the 0s and 1s, we begin using some 2s.

for Twittering Tales


Water is stable. It can sit comfortably in liquid form, unemployed, for ten billion years, unchanged, given an agreeable environment.

Contaminates may intrude, but that’s not the water’s fault. There may be leaching, but blame that on the oxygen atoms in the water molecules. Nature not nurture.

Water changes to steam betimes, or ice. Waters of this planet, naturally phlegmatic, may be incited to violence by the moon or coriolis force or a cliff that must be plunged from. However, perhaps the only example of mischievous waters are those that replace their protium hydrogen isotopes with deuterium, creating the amusing “heavy water.”



silent old forest
its canopy life sun-drenched
loggers coming fast

for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday


walking on water
was a thing last century
now it’s all jogging

photo from tumblr
for I Write Her Weekly Haiku Challenge