far thunder mutters
uneasy flutters in the trees
i flip my butt, hack

for Saturday Mix Sound Bite


hi, everyone.

i’m in amsteg, a hamlet in the swiss alps. i make my way up here once a year because this is where i keep all my gold.

americans are not required by law to report gold stored in foreign countries.

there are gold vaults around the world, mostly secret for obvious reasons. i prefer those in switzerland because of the stability of the government and the country’s long experience handling wealth in a secure and private, very private, way.

there are a thousand idle military bunkers in the alps and a few have been converted into vaults by security companies. the vaults screen their customers and check their deposits. vault standards exceed those of companies offering safe-deposit-box services.

i agreed not to post a pic of the vault!

it’s fun to visit my gold, especially the old coins, and then go out and hit the ski slopes!

for What Pegman Saw

love tanka

oh my dearest love
i want to give you my heart
but how to do it
rip it out hand it over
or sprinkle with pumpkin spice

for The Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest


“Spend more time at home or me and the kids are leaving.”

“No, it’s my turn for an ultimatum.”


“No more ultimatums from you.”

“Ha ha.”

“I’m deadly serious.”

“Ok, husband. Here’s a heads-up instead. On the first, we’re going to grandma’s. Don’t follow.”

“That’s a threat.”

“Nope. We start packing today.”

“How can I change your mind?”

“You know how.”

for Weekend Writing Prompt


Betrayers suffer betrayal by the betrayed.

for The Saturday Six Word Story Prompt