Frost Flowers

Slomoz –

flowers have methods
for dealing with water ice
no hope for my pipes

for Putting My Feet in the Dirt


coyote in bush
stops and sits to scratch his ear
skeeters make me scratch

for Daily Addictions


the sounds of nature
far from the city until
a radio is heard

for The Daily Spur


so many words like “sardonic”
refer only to humans
which fact causes me sardonic thoughts

for Ragtag Daily Prompt


do the precocious
win or lose as they grow up
and lose youth to age

for Your Daily Word Prompt


have i ever been part of an action to unite?
myself and another against an adversary?
have i joined a group of those uniting against some threat or injustice?
a union or army or collection of friends?
is marriage a way to unite?
can i unite with nature against the depredations of mankind?

perhaps i’ll start by uniting with someone who can help me answer these questions.

for Word of the Day Challenge


snowy egret wades
careful picky with quick beak
i inspect my plate

for Tale Weaver