Frost Flowers

Slomoz –

flowers have methods
for dealing with water ice
no hope for my pipes

for Putting My Feet in the Dirt


coyote in bush
stops and sits to scratch his ear
skeeters make me scratch

for Daily Addictions


the sounds of nature
far from the city until
a radio is heard

for The Daily Spur


so many words like “sardonic”
refer only to humans
which fact causes me sardonic thoughts

for Ragtag Daily Prompt


do the precocious
win or lose as they grow up
and lose youth to age

for Your Daily Word Prompt


have i ever been part of an action to unite?
myself and another against an adversary?
have i joined a group of those uniting against some threat or injustice?
a union or army or collection of friends?
is marriage a way to unite?
can i unite with nature against the depredations of mankind?

perhaps i’ll start by uniting with someone who can help me answer these questions.

for Word of the Day Challenge


snowy egret wades
careful picky with quick beak
i inspect my plate

for Tale Weaver


When is a word the opposite of its meaning? For example, in the estimation of some, the word groovy is no longer groovy.

If someone calls you silly, that could be serious.

Awesome is not awesome.

Like is, like, not always liked.

Inarticulate is rarely used by the inarticulate.

Contrariwise, the end is usually

The end.

for Just One Word

The 13th Floor

The elevator stopped on the thirteenth floor with a lurch.

The elevator didn’t want to stop. The lurch was the elevator tugging on the reins. Mr. Noving ignored its wishes and stepped out.

Prior to Mr. Noving, nobody had wanted to stop on the thirteenth floor. For years nobody had. All the other floors were sparkling. Modern. Equipped with stairs that circumvented the thirteenth floor. The twelfth and fourteenth floors ignored the thirteenth’s existence.

This was a city with serious superstition issues.

Mr. Noving brought with him great wealth and energy. He renovated the thirteenth. He introduced top businesses to it. He made it chic. The place to be. And then he extended his wealth and power to the floors above and below it. In time, the building became the business showplace of the city.

With the exception of the seventh floor, that is. Mr. Noving had a problem with the number seven. As shown in the photo above, the seventh floor descended into rack and ruin.

There is a moral here somewhere

for First Line Friday

Blue Chairs

I’m looking at twenty upholstered blue chairs in a library, arranged four-each around five low square tables. Periodicals line the walls on each side of them.

A quiet Friday morning. Four of the chairs are inhabited by homeless patrons, sleeping or reading, two with earphones. Six more chairs by elderly, retired, well-to-do town residents.

There is a certain amount of coughing and stertorous breathing. Otherwise, silence.

Teenagers and tutors have their own areas, but in any case, school is in session elsewhere.

One fellow is out on the patio, reading in the sun.

Distant sounds of toddlers reading hour.

Staff preparations for a book sale tomorrow.


for Stream of Consciousness Saturday