St. John’s, Newfoundland

Hi, everybody. I’m back from my NGO trip to Angola and settling in to my sometimes summer place in St. John’s.

The climate here is temperate in the summer months, ignoring the occasional hurricane. Lots of natural wonders available, yada yada.

Myself, I’m partial to bingo. Here, for example, is a place I’ve whiled away some time in. It’s a bingo parlor that shares space in the building with a for-profit university and a hair-styling salon.

On Topsail Road…

There are seven venues that I frequent, plus a list of online sites when I want to play from the comfort of my home.

In addition to the winnings, it’s a place to meet women of a certain age. I find that between the parlors and several different AA meetings, my social life is quite active. If you’re not into nature or fishing, romance is pretty much next on the list.

for What Pegman Saw


Plug your nose
Hold your nostrils shut
Instead of breathing in
Loads of coke
Instead of air
So you don’t
End up
Young but dead and
Or also
Using that stuff
Right into your veins may give you a
Over the moon
For a while
Faster then the nose route but
Man while it’s
A wilder ride you will
Not be alive at its end

for The Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest


animals do not
barter but they share in ways
to live in balance

for Weekend Writing Prompt


her unconditional love included some conditions.

for Saturday Six Word Story Prompt