outcome in question
lion versus cape buffalo
humans use rifles

for The Daily Spur


equal day equal night
equal summer equal fall
animals notice

for Haikai Challenge


The tree was pulled down and the birds lamented over its dead body.
But hang on; birds don’t lament.
Maybe a dove sounds like it’s lamenting but it just wants to mate.
Birds hanging around a fallen tree are looking for something to eat.
The thing is like a cafeteria, what with its bugs and fruit and so forth.
You and I might lament a little because that’s what we do.
More likely, though, we’re the ones that pulled it down.
Believe me, if birds lamented fallen trees, they’d be a sad bunch.
If only from all those Christmas tree lots.

for Saturday Mix


is a slow mother a bad mother
folks warn me and my brothers she is slow
nobody says she is bad
some just say she is stupid or retarded
none of these are good words
she is slow to answer
she is slow to puzzle things out
so is she a bad mother
my brothers and me are all right
we go along and get along ok
we aren’t slow
we love our mother
now that we are bigger, we are getting in more fights about this

for Sunday Writing Prompt


subtle signs of life
scat and a faint trail through grass
unlike new york city

for Ragtag Daily Prompt


river polluted
when there are ways to clean it
knowledge just wasted

for Word of the Day Challenge


fall has arrived, which means that the major league baseball season is winding down in the US, with teams that i root for heading to the playoffs for a change. at the same time, the national football league is underway, with teams that i root for doing ok. sports, a chance to get away from it all, bringing a smile.

just read “Summer of ’49,” by David Halberstam, which is about baseball time in a time when the nation revered it. the book, also worth a smile.

for The Weekly Smile


leaves fall in forest
branches bare for coming cold
gardens are festive

for BrewNSpew Cafe


the seas are empty
the whole world becomes empty
a little too warm

for Ronovan Writes