cubs annoy mother
she bats them not in the mood
not unlike our house

for Your Daily Word Prompt

Going Back

my dad was on parole
which was a rigamarole

then he goofed up
but then he fessed up

and back he went to the Big House
quiet as a mouse

i know how he felt, it was a bummer
like with me at the end of each summer

for The Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest


steep stone stairs descend
a dark figure may ascend
a bird would fly off

for Thursday Photo Prompt


creatures in the wild
hunt and migrate with purpose
humans will wander

for Reena’s Exploration Challenge


Marcia and Andrew were not getting along; their marriage seemed to be lacking something.

Their therapist, the nose-ringed, tatted, red-haired Tatiana, made a suggestion, which worked beautifully for their relationship.

They adopted.

for Three Line Tales