gold gnats in sunshaft
i turn to watch them circle
evanescent life

for Your Daily Word Prompt


learn breathing techniques
this will help ameliorate
the rigors of life

for The Ragtag Daily Prompt


work with bit in mouth
sweat to earn a daily bit
my code fails missing a bit

for Daily Addictions


lion stares at me
my eyes close when he pounces
very zen moment

for Word of the Day Challenge

Dog Sales

(snapshot, Sisavath St., Vientiane)

I came to Laos to sell dogs. Most Vientiane dogs you see out and about aren’t strays. Most have a home and many serve as guards there, although during the day they can be friendly. It’s rare to see a dog that appears to be feral, with medical problems.

Sadly, dogs are on the menu in Laos. The country also exports dogs to Viet Nam to be used for the same purpose, but that’s not why I’m selling dogs in the country.

The thing is, an amazing number of Laotian canines have stubby legs. Don’t know why, but this creates a demand for my dogs, which all have long legs.

That’s their selling point. They sell in Vientiane like, well, like hotcakes. Or hot dogs. If you see a dog in the city with exceptionally long legs, it’s probably one of mine.

For What Pegman Saw


bugs spiders and gods
have multifarious limbs
humans manage four

art by Cat at https://www.instagram.com/catschappach/
for Art Flash

Going To Sea

Walter leaned way over the table.

“Sign me up!” he said, his words weighted with emotion.

“How much do you weigh?” the recruiter asked.

“Not enough to weigh you down. Come on, I want to be in uniform when you weigh anchor.”

“So what do you weigh in at? You look like you weigh a ton. That can weigh against you. Be honest. Weigh your words. I’ll weigh my decision accordingly.”

“Look, believe it or not, I’m on a whey diet.”

“That weighs in your favor. Our cook is always looking for a way to get rid of his excess whey. He serves a lot of curds to the crew.”

“Way out. Any way you slice it, I want in. That’s just the way it is. That’s the way the wind blows. Get me in any which way. And by the way, by way of explanation, I was born this way.”

“Son, you’re doing this interview the hard way but I’m going to give way and let you get your way because we’re short a man and we’re about to get under way and we’re going in harm’s way.”

“Wait, what?”

for Stream of Consciousness Saturday