Ganesh Chaturthi

“Suresh, stop watching that cricket match and go buy a Ganesha idol  for Ganesh Chaturthi.”

“I am not stopping. You go buy.”

“You are watching too much cricket. Get up. Go. We must have Ganesha in the house tonight.”

“I am not going… What are you doing!?”

“I will plug it back in when you return.”

“You are back so soon? Unwrap. Did you get a beautiful one like I told you to do?… But wait! What is this?”

“It is Ganesha with the World Cup Champions of 2011. You see? MS Dhoni the captain? Virender Sehwag. Ravichandran Ashwin… The whole team is here.”

“Did you never think, Suresh, that when the festival is over and we take Ganesh to Mahim Creek and the clay dissolves and Genesh returns to Mount Kailash to Parvati and Shiva, the champions will dissolve also, but where are they to go?”

Photo: Lavanya

148 words

For FFfAW Challenge-February 13, 2018

7 Responses

  1. Hopefully the Champions don’t meet the same fate as the model!

  2. Oh dear! When the statue dissolves, the champions of 2011 will dissolve too! Great story!

  3. The champions will always remain in our heart.

  4. I felt drawn in and part of the story. Nicely done.

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