Twittering Tales #73


can i paint it?

what color?

i thought red.

no you can’t paint it red. we’d be the laughingstock. you paint a barn red.

all right, purple then.

what’s wrong with you? listen to me. paint it white. we do things right around here.


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Be My Valentine

I’ve got love instead of blood pumping through my heart.
It’s squirting out my auricles and ventricles and every other part.
It’s like romantic heart disease.
It’s like a heart attack of love unease.
It’s like love cancer causing pain,
then metastasizing to my brain.


My hindsight is largely composed of resuscitated premonitions.


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my windmill


I bought the house because it was an incredible bargain. I didn’t think the windmill would be a problem. I signed the sale papers without reading the fine print.

I can’t build a swimming pool near the mill, or even start a garden. As an historic structure, it’s protected, along with the grounds around it.

The public must have access.

If the structure burns, I’ll be jailed without question.

I may not modernize it. No electrical equipment may be installed.

The bat problems may be mitigated but not abated.

I may not rent out rooms in it.

So I quit my job at the bank and reopened the damned thing. The green locals who grow their own corn and grains keep me in business.

It’s one of those lemons/lemonade things.


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day to day
animals eat each other
a rough way to run the world but
nature would have it that way
while perversely burning
fields and forests
to roast not just
prey but
predators too
who might enjoy
a nice cooked meal

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I had a strong feeling

That doing what I did

Was going to

Cause me



It was not a premonition


It was a postmonition


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