my mama told me not to hang round rufus. don’t see that boy no more. he’s not our kind she said.

he’s my kind i said.

your young just horsing around my papa said your not stable yet. it’s your first rodeo.

he’s lasso’d my heart i said.

he wrangled your brain papa said.

i forbid you mama said but without disrepecting her wishes i respected mine more and rufus and i galloped into the woods behind our barn. the moon was full and i was left unsupervised as the t-shirt says.

now i’m mama of the world’s first zebra-corn.


For Carrot Ranch

ice waves


around a sun much older than ours

moves a planet much larger than ours

wrapped in a single ocean frozen

ice waves without number


made motionless before life here began


For  Pic and a Word Challenge

a Kimo poem

the final election results posted
expressions in the room grim
disbelieving saddened


The Kimo poem (Poetry Kaleidoscope) is a post-Haiku poetic form invented in Israel, with three lines of 10, 7, and 6 syllables.

From The Abject Muse

haiku: egg

chicken leads to egg

chicken and egg warm together

egg leads to chicken


For Haiku Horizons


what does “congregate” mean, beyond its simple definition?

i could look it up but i’m asking you.

how many humans are required for a congregation? If it’s religious and two families get together, have they formed a congregation? how about two moms with a child each? two moms with one child between them?

can you congregate without forming a congregation? not enough others show up, or others show up who don’t agree with you? can one person congregate, if their intention is to assemble with others, who don’t make it?

if a corner is known for the fact that bums congregate there but at the moment, only one bum is present, is he congregating. perhaps instead of bum i should say indigent person.

animals can congregate, i imagine, but when, exactly? can wolves congregate around a kill, even if they’re already a pack? can disparate animals congregate at a watering hole? i think yes, they can, but if one animal shows up to eat another animal instead of drinking the water, it doesn’t feel to me that that predator is part of the congregation or that it is in fact congregating.

can germs congregate around a wound? can viruses, not strictly alive in all senses, some would say, congregate in a lympth node?

can water molecules congregate to form ice in the form of a snowflake?

what can assemble without congregating? do the helium atoms in a nebula, condensing to form a star, congregate?

just askin.


For the Daily Post