My boyfriend  gave me these kicks.

They cost a lot.

So I have him some kicks.



For 3LineTales




“How romantic, Paul. I’ll remember this dusk forever. And yes, of course I’ll marry you.”

“I wouldn’t call this dusk, not quite yet.”


“Dusk refers to the darker shades of twilight. Twilight is a crepuscular word for the soft, diffused light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon.”

“What would you call this time, then, while we wait for the sun to set, this most romantic time when we have decided together to plait our troth?”

“Well… hmm… it’s not dark. I don’t think we’re quite at sunset yet, although you could argue that sunset is the time when daylight fades. It’s not eventide. Not gloom for the partial darkness. Possibly dimmet for the half-light, but I’m not from Devon.”


“But by the way, you plait your hair. I think you meant we plight our troth.”

“Oh yes? Well, see how I’m unplaiting my braid now?”


For Sue Vincent’s Photo Prompt


assay the biome

golden fields spring and summer

water full of lead


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