wild iris springs up
from a crack in the sidewalk
tame iris stays home

for Frank Tassone Haiku Challenge

…seen annually in Los Alamos


heat abolishes
earth’s glaciers and ice caps
we are causing that

for Fandango’s One-Word Challenge


our duty, to save
those in danger.
to be brave,
helping a stranger.

the surging wave
traps a man
in a cave.
we do what we can.

they say we gave
all we could give
and went to the grave
so that he could live.

for Saturday Mix – Rhyme Time


water flows over
rock for eons carving this nice
scenic canyon view

for Weekend Challenge


roses grown in rows
spanned by spider webs bedewed
my thighs wet with them

for The Sunday Muse

early winter

early blizzard unwelcome
heavy snow wet in unready woods
cars slide over driveway slush
thin lake ice crackles as i swim
walking to bar careful on slick sidewalks
upright on a stool
inside this familiar room with no windows
glass of human antifreeze in my hand
and one or two more
boots squelching as i head back home
lumps of snow slip off neighbors’ roofs
plopping morse code under the eaves
is this gray hair due already
flesh and strength evaporating so soon
migrating birds shoulder each other at my feeders

for Weekend Writing Prompt

off to war

Leaves Falling, Lief, Leave Over, Leaves

for Saturday Six Word Story Prompt


unwelcome blizzard
heavy snow, unready woods
car stuck in driveway