1. Why is Spring so named?
    Clock-setting aid. “Spring ahead.”

  2. What are “Spring Greens”?
    My Bermuda-shorts collection.

  3. What’s a Spring Roll?
    You jump ahead and tumble.

  4. What makes June 6th so important?
    Fills the gap between the 5th and the 7th.

  5. What happens on June 20th of this year?
    Must clean out my closet. Stop putting it off.

  6. What happens on June 21st of this year?
    Must clean out my closet.

  7. Why is Father’s Day always on a Sunday?
    Pro football.

  8. What was the book, Silent Spring about?
    Wasn’t that the sequel to Crouching Tiger?

  9. What does a balance spring do?
    It’s when the kid in the leotard jumps off that long wooden bar.

  10. What makes spring water special?
    Can’t answer this one in a family blog. It has to do with the expression that begins with “spring a ____.

for Fibbing Friday

claws and nails

bloody teeth and claws
everybody needs to eat
i get my nails done

for Stream of Consciousness Saturday