bird feeder

our feeder caters to lesser goldfinches, house finches, chickadees and nuthatches. a while ago, a flock of pine siskins showed up, down from the north. it seems that random flocks migrate like this from time to time when overcrowding occurs up there.

after a bit, the random siskin began showing up dead on the ground. couldn’t blame the cats or other birds. it turns out that these birds, and perhaps others, fall prey to salmonella. the feeder must be cleaned with bleach before each filling. this we did, but in the meantime the siskins moved on.

we continue with the cleaning.

for Wednesday Challenge


nature’s sirens sound
new records for heat and storm
warnings we ignore

for Go Dog Go Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

what have we here

found objects, lying forgotten on the ground
or in the gutter
a mitten, a note, an infant’s shoe
or seen from Olympus
the world and everything in it

for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge


it will turn out ok
our ups and downs make us strong
at least so you say

for Twiglet 181

the drums are restless

Taking the field with Sun Devil Marching Band - The State Press

I march to the beat of a different drummer
I’ve been drummed out of many poet groups
even though my poems are tight as a drum
so let me drum this into your head
I do not need to beat the drum for myself

for dVerse Poets Pub


Image by Huda Nur from Pixabay

mice freeze when they see
yellow eyes wide in the night
i pet this killer

for Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Photo Challenge