Photo credit: Leah Kelly on Pexels 

nature shows not tells
outdoors an open classroom
and then there are books

for What Do You See


Image by Davidoasa at Pixabay.com

if you corner or are cornered by an animal
in the natural world
it probably won’t be in a corner
as corners are few out there

in a structure of man’s devising
corners are plentiful
excepting in yurts and igloos and circus tents
your spouse or partner can corner you
with words

for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge


been catching plums in nets for a while now and putting them out with bags for passersby.

lots of takers, with smiles. a good year for plums.

for The Weekly Smile


the day mighty fine
air so mighty clear
high and mighty us

for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt


jungle cat intent
her prey grazing in warm sun
i thought to cry out

for Ronovan Writes