couple talk

“i love your shoulders.”
“that’s agastopia.”
“you’ve got to stop with the words.”
“ok, but it’s time for our jentacular meal.”
“i’m warning you.”
“honey, we’re just opposites. it’s syzygy.”

for Weekend Writing Prompt


canadian geese
around here do not migrate
i’ve put down roots too

for Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo


sexual struggle
betwixt the beasts can be rough
we sometimes use court

for Poets Pub

Love Story

Fred was a follower, not a leader.

He loved Elsie, who loved Lance, dominant stallion of the herd.

Fred’s life consisted of an unending series of fruitless attempts to nose in between Elsie and Lance, which left him single and alone with his daydreams, in which he pictured Elsie in silhouette or perhaps even, yes, head-on!

for three line tales