astral bodies

saturn and jupiter have been hanging out together in the night sky recently. last night the moon, full, passed under them.

when i look at them – the two planets – i think of galileo, who spent so many hours tracking the moons of jupiter. he couldn’t make out the rings of saturn, which appeared in his telescope as bright spots on either side of the planet, spots which had disappeared the next time he checked, but his discovery of moons circling a planet other than earth was monumental.

it makes me smile to gaze up at worlds so far away, and yet so bright in the sky.

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New Use for Little Libraries

A Little Free Library is seen in Colorado Springs, Colorado. (Wikimedia Commons/Library of Congress/Carol M. Highsmith)

In addition to books, in this time when all our public libraries are closed for the indefinite future, some of our neighborhood Little Libraries are being stocked by their owners with free food for the local homeless and indigent.

I just took down bags of dry pinto beans and rice, which I exchanged for a copy of Thomas Pynchon’s “Bleeding Edge.”


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weekly smile

found a wallet. returned it.

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I’ve carried around a tree-identification guide in my car for years. Today when I parked, I finally pulled it out and identified the tree shading the car. A white oak. 🙂

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