ice melts tundra warms
animals adapt too slow
there is no haven

for Weekend Writing Prompt


“Spend more time at home or me and the kids are leaving.”

“No, it’s my turn for an ultimatum.”


“No more ultimatums from you.”

“Ha ha.”

“I’m deadly serious.”

“Ok, husband. Here’s a heads-up instead. On the first, we’re going to grandma’s. Don’t follow.”

“That’s a threat.”

“Nope. We start packing today.”

“How can I change your mind?”

“You know how.”

for Weekend Writing Prompt

Cyber Invitations

I received an email invitation via a neighborhood social group to join a local cemetary. Excuse me, memorial park.

To join, I only needed to purchase plots in advance for myself and my partner and our two adopted children, plus unlimited additional plots in the family pet section.

A map of the memorial park was included, with the graves of deceased neighborhood residents marked and those of neighborhood residents as yet undead labeled. I was invited to choose which neighbors I would like us to be buried next to. (The neighbors, if living, must agree.)

There were options for cremation, burial at sea, or burial at the foot of a tree in a biodegradable coffin.

Headstones that went beyond the normal would be subject to neighborhood vote.

There was also an option to be buried in your own back yard, although later owners of the property have the option of exhuming you and sending you to the city’s itinerant burying grounds.

the thing is, i got not just the offer from the memorial park, but constant and repeated cyber urgings from my neighbors to sign up. they have coffee klatches.

for Weekly Prompts


animals do not
barter but they share in ways
to live in balance

for Weekend Writing Prompt


As a child they said he was delicate.
Rheumatic fever drained him. Pneumonia struck in the winter.
He was a nervous boy with thin arms and legs. Sunken chest.
But also with an aura. Something subtle and fine. The bullies left him alone.
An uncle called him fine-grained.
He was kind to animals, especially the injured ones.
In high school and college, he grew. Filled out.
Became tall, graceful, mild. A volunteer. A positive force.
Medical school agreed with him. The frail reed now the oak.
Called on for those operations requiring the most delicate procedures.
In the fullness of his years, his essence unchanged.

for Weekend Writing Prompt


spider’s delicate web
strong enough to hold those caught
me in this office

for Weekend Writing Prompt


wildlife restricted
borders shrink poachers increase
veldt becomes museum

for Weekend Writing Prompt


wild grapes grow in tangles
on the fringes of the wood
facing cultivated fields
of vines in ranks
their vintage product

for Weekend Writing Prompt


tangled wild green grapes
fresh spring growth on forest fringe
facing vintage vines


fingers in ears mute
rough storms till winds ease and calm
supplants life’s torments

for Weekly Writing Challenge