Travel: Soresaddle, Montana

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Welcome to Soresaddle. We’re pleased to have you.

We’re not much to look at, passing through, but we have one thing to be proud as punch about. The world’s largest nature park for retired animals.

Here you will find all those veteran animals from zoos around the U.S. They’ve given their all to entertain and educate you and now they deserve a well-earned rest, away from the urban hustle and bustle.


Here, the lambs lie down with the lions, who are mostly toothless at this point. Here we have special areas for the demented.

Please don’t feed them. Thank you.

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black suv in between purple flower fields
Photo by Viktor Lundberg on

fields of lavender
under a spreading bice sky
cure my blue feeling

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Oceola Train Station

Here’s the train station in Oceola, Iowa. It was built in 1907 and the ticket office retains many original features, such as ticket windows, wood benches and light fixtures. It was restored in 1970.

Stepping off an Amtrak train here, you enter the heart of the midwest. Oceola is named after a Seminole Indian leader and a black tea together with the name of a god.

Lots of space for each home.

And lots of space outside of the sparse towns.

For the urban traveler, this is the place to come to get in touch with your connection to the planet.

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star nursery

Stellar Nursery Blooms into View

intersteller gas
in clouds breeds and births new stars
our minds birth new thoughts

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