three line tales, week 231: the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset
photo by Lerone Pieters via Unsplash

John was about to leap off the Brooklyn Bridge, where over 500 deaths have occured from jumping, with the suicide barriers, CCTV, the plaques that advertise the telephone number of The Samaritans, and intervening drivers, who stop and try to talk the jumpers out of it, only partially successful in preventing them.

Sue didn’t stop to talk John out of it but instead just pulled over to mention that she was planning to jump off the Statue of Liberty.

They went out for coffee.

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a pill

three line tales, week 230: a woman standing underneath a mind your head sign
photo by K. Mitch Hodge via Unsplash

tom cruise is short. she took a strange pill. now she’s shorter.

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gift horse

three line tales, week 229: someone trekking up the steps to the tower on top of Glastonbury Tor

yay, we inherited a castle!
needs a driveway.
wow, kinda cold in here.

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“Down in front!”

three line tales, week 219: a man with red letters illuminating his face
photo by Daniel Monteiro via Unsplash

“Down in front!”

What a dilemma.

How was he supposed to get to the bathroom?

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Love Story

Fred was a follower, not a leader.

He loved Elsie, who loved Lance, dominant stallion of the herd.

Fred’s life consisted of an unending series of fruitless attempts to nose in between Elsie and Lance, which left him single and alone with his daydreams, in which he pictured Elsie in silhouette or perhaps even, yes, head-on!

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Mr. Fixit

The parishioners’ complaints grew more urgent.
Father O’Malley finally gave in.
“To keep the peace,” he announced during his homily, “we’ll use this week’s collection to spruce up the place a wee bit.”

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end of the rainbow

photo by Sara Riaño via Unsplash

blind man trips over pot of gold

gets up

keeps walking

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photo by Robert Collins via Unsplash

lion cubs learn to leap
predator gene passed on to
other animals

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photo by Alina Fedorchenko via Unsplash

should not have quoted a flat rate for bannisters over the phone
it didn’t look like this in the photo
i’ll be painting till christmas

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cat meows at door

photo by Eberhard Grossgasteiger via Unsplash

cat meows at door
comes in, eats, goes out, circles house
cat meows at door

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