faith vs family

i believe that god gives each of us a body and a situation and it’s up to us to do the best with that. i’ve always treated my body like a temple, not a recreation hall. diet, rest, exercise, meditation. the whole enchilada.

when i fell ill i followed my doctor’s orders. changed my diet for the better, eliminating most of what I liked most. increased my mediation and exercise. took my medicine. this helped for a while but then things took a dire turn. something more needed to be done, something invasive. again i followed orders. doctors rooted around inside me like mechanics repairing an engine. got me back on my feet. all good.

until it wasn’t. strong meds needed. now i was not always in my right mind. just in case, my wife helped me to begin arranging my affairs. the kids came home with the grandkids to make sure we closed any open loops in our relationships while we still could.

at this point, only an organ transplant would save me, but my faith dictated that i go with what i’ve got. my wife and kids and grandkids went to work on me. they kept at it until I had a change of heart.

for Thimbleful Thursday Writing Prompt

Hit the Ceiling

“When Dad heard, he hit the ceiling. He raised the roof.”

“Yeah, he blew a gasket.”

“Don’t mix metaphors.”

“Sorry. He was bouncing off the walls. How’s that?”

“Good. Thank you. He put his foot down. It was Katy bar the door.”

“He ran around like a chicken with its head… Nah… All our privileges went right out the window.”

“You said it. He was ready to clean house with us.”

“Make us get our house in order.”

“A plague on both our houses.”

“A house of ill repute!”

“Well, he didn’t go that far.”

For Thimbleful Thursday Writing Prompt