fork in the road

in life, we make decisions. go this way or go that way?

we make some decisions based on the promptings of our conscience. some are a product of spontaneous inspiration. Some are a coin flip.

this does not change throughout our lives. it is to be hoped that with age comes wisdom but there is no guarantee of this. anger, prejudice, or ignorance may overmaster our compassion or common sense.

mable, for example, joined a senior taggers group and was developing quite a distinctive style and a reputation for flair when her meth habit led her to a different group and a propensity for painting gang graffiti in heaven spots.

for Sunday Muse


birds’ mating plumage
colors and patterns signal
garter belts work too

for The Sunday Muse

Lambs and Lions

Isaiah 11:6

Actually, Isaiah refers to a lion and a fatted calf, and a lamb and a wolf, but the idea is the same. The lamb and the lion will lie down together even if the Bible doesn’t explicitly say so.

If you are staging this in a play, feed the lion first. We are not yet quite in the Millennium.

But how close are we to the golden age to come? The lamb population is increasing, especially in New Zealand, but the lion population is decreasing, especially in Africa. This ratio change is also true in zoos. The rise of the petting zoo has increased the demand for lambs. You get a good lamb and it quickly grows up at the zoo and has to be shipped out to a sheep ranch.

Also, lions are still eating meat. Hopefully the current trend in pet-food vegetable protein can be applied to this problem. Good sign: folks in America are eating less lamb. Americans favor the cow (to the disapprobation of the Indian subcontinent) and pig (ditto Israel).

Finally, the lion and lamb may have to lay together rather than lie together. Over the past decade or two, “lay” has continued to replace “lie” in the vernacular.

For the Sunday Muse


she wanted to fly
she often dreamed that she could
then one day she did

Photography by Svetlana Belyaeva
for The Sunday Muse