champ or chump

chic or cheesy
chilled or chafed
cheery chum or chagrined charlatan
charming chica or cheeky chit
charismatic chieftian or characterless churl
choir-boy child or cheating chap
chosen chairwoman or challenged chauvinist
chipper chancellor or chary chaperone
charitable character or chastising cheapskate
charging champion or chaotic chatterbox
chateaubriand or cheesburger
chess or checkers
change or changelessness
chocolate chickens or cheap cheeps
chop chewer or chow chomper

for Stream of Consciousness Saturday (SoCS)

current status

in deep cover.
not knee-deep,
in too deep.
took a deep dive
off the deep end.
now they’ll deep-six me
in the deep blue sea,
deep in the weeds – the seaweeds.

i’m not a deep thinker but
still waters run deep and
digging deep,
deep down,
i expected this.

my beauty is not just skin deep.
i have a deep knowledge of my job,
my loyalty runs deep.
but my past, once a deep, dark secret,
is now known to all, not just on deep background,
the facts discovered courtesy of my employer’s
deep pockets.

let me take a deep breath.
spare me your deepest sympathy.
my obit will be shallow.

for Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Beside You

sitting beside you i am beside myself
a black mark beside my name
which pales beside my past deeds
and is beside the point anyway
what with you beside yourself too
when i sidled up to you
…. and besides
i’m on your side
we’re on the same side
and i’ll meet you on the other side

for Stream of Consciousness Saturday


biosphere evolves
without judgment but we have
worn out our welcome

for Stream of Consciousness Saturday


oh! she said.
oho! he said.
ooh! she said.
uh oh! he said.
oh no! she said.
doh! he said.
pooh! she said.
oh well, he said.

for Stream of Consciousness Saturday

growing up

my parents kept their ear to the ground
they got in on the ground floor of every child-raising fad
we were child-rearing ground zero
mom and dad changing the ground rules in our home
making me grind my teeth and go to ground
or get grounded, like an airplane
i could never hold my ground; they would grind me down
i had an ax to grind

now, moved out, free at last, i can break new ground
grind away, enjoy a groundswell of new experience
and ground myself
versus the daily grind
by drinking coffee (the daily grind) (previously forbidden)
and do a bump and grind of glee

for Stream of Conciousness Saturday


consider the tast
taste it
tastic rice
so tasty
chocolate Tastetations
but may cause entastic spasms and metastasis
possible atasthalia in choosing your diet
get to doctor stat (tast anagram)

or am i just being a phantast

for Stream of Consciousness Saturday