Super Bowl History

Super Bowl      Similar to                        Notes

III                      G. Washington                 Old fashioned.

VII                     A. Jackson                       Redskins lose.

XXII                   A. Lincoln                        1st black QB win (Williams).

XLIII                  F. Roosevelt                     Most wins (Steelers).

XLIX                  B. Obama                        Most worldwide fans.

IILII                    Donald Trump                 Brain damage.

Shaq Talks Cheating On Ex-Wife: ‘I Never Did It Disrespectfully’

(Hiffington Post headline)

The recorded conversation that backs up Shaq’s claim:

S: Hey, Baby. Watcha doin’ tonight?

M: Geez, you’re a huge dude. Say, aren’t you Shaquille O’Neal?

S: Uh, yeah…

M: Are you hitting on me? Aren’t you married?

S: Sure I’m married. I love my wife. It’s her birthday today. Look what I got her.

M: That’s a beauty! She’ll love it.

S: Try it on, Baby. Let’s see what it looks like on a beautiful neck like yours. There. Hey, it looks good on you, Sweetheart. Like it was made for you.

M: Are you saying…?

S: It’s yours, Honey. I’ll get my wife another one, cause I love and respect her so much. Can I buy you a drink to go with that diamond?