SoCS, Friday, 5/18/18

clearcut mountaintop

loggers gone; forest gone too

the view now empty


For Stream of Consciousness Saturday, Linda G. Hill

so far

when you’re old and talking about life, “so far” can come to mean “that’s about it.”

not to belabor the obvious, but when you’re young, “so far” means the past is prelude and anything is possible in the future. the future and its promise gets whittled away as time goes on.

when you’re old, “so far, so good” can also gather some finality to it. the doctor says, well, you’ve had a good run, eighty years isn’t bad. it isn’t bad but why am i not consoled? who cares about the time passed? what about tomorrow?

i’m doing ok, so far.


For SoCS

Prompt: fine

please watch your brother while i’m gone.


you only say fine when it’s not fine. you don’t want to watch him?

i said it was fine.

the day is fine. i’m feeling fine. you are not fine.

i didn’t say i was fine.

why aren’t you fine?

i got a fine.


driving. i mean, i got a ticket. i’ve got to pay a fine.

well, young lady, isn’t that just fine.


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