pterosaurs here for one hundred and fifty million years
a lot of flights eggs generations meals
smallest size of sparrow
largest six hundred fifty pounds
one day they went extinct
we are two hundred thousand years old
repeat that seven hundred and fifty times

for dVerse Quadrille and the Word Is…

44 words: not a fire drill

great balls of fire

the fat’s hitting the fire


now catch fire

breathe fire

you ball of fire

show me the fire

in your eyes

in your belly

down below

it’s your baptism of fire


fire your weapon

before i fire you


For dVerse


day to day
animals eat each other
a rough way to run the world but
nature would have it that way
while perversely burning
fields and forests
to roast not just
prey but
predators too
who might enjoy
a nice cooked meal

For dVerse