my nature daydream

frolicsome white seabirds not

covered in black oil


For Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge

our apples

Photo by Annie Spratt

one bad apple spoils the whole barrel

so let’s get rid of the barrel

make all not some classrooms  clean and well-lit

pay our teachers

at a level commensurate with their importance

the importance of teachers always being high

support them in their on-going training

lay in and replenish teaching materials


rotten apples cannot be made fresh

but bad children

whatever bad means exactly

can be helped

supported, guided


doctors heal

we appreciate and reward them

teachers heal too


For 100 Week Wednsday

44 words: not a fire drill

great balls of fire

the fat’s hitting the fire


now catch fire

breathe fire

you ball of fire

show me the fire

in your eyes

in your belly

down below

it’s your baptism of fire


fire your weapon

before i fire you


For dVerse


thunderstorm arrives
wind rises; chance lightning bolt
strips slim tree of bark


For Ronovan Writes


glacier withdraws at
glacial pace then suddenly
green grass blades appear


For The Daily Post


sun sets moon rises

hunters return; fires are lit

thoughts turn to the gods



For Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille


we were destined for a rough storm

rough as an agitated malamute

as we commuted

but the sentence was commuted

the violent rugged vicious brutal tempest

mutated  transmuted  permuted

calmed  calming   calm

eased  easing   at ease




For Weekly Writing Challenge