have you got a moment?

just a moment…

any moment now…

i’ll be with you in a moment…

this will only hurt for a moment…

these are all long moments, takenĀ moment by moment

in the morse code of life, moments are the dashes

do i live for the moment?

the moment of truth?

never a dull moment?

while i eat mo mints?

while i wait for my mom to say that’s enough init?

while i wait for my moment in the sun

but no… at the moment i’m having an aha moment

a come to jesus moment

a hallmark moment

a kodak moment

a… a senior moment

at this moment, at this moment in time, this weak moment

not a moment too soon

in the heat of the moment

yes yes i am declared the man of the moment

by the woman of the moment


ForĀ Pic and a Word Challenge



Do animals imagine or only react?

I have seen the dreaming dog.

Do they guess?

I have seen the ambivalent cat. Stepping out. I guess. Stepping back. I guess not.

Are they pensive?

I have seen the thoughtful bird. The motion of its feathers betrays its mood.

They like me, or is that my imagination?


For Pic and a Word