grand opening

Backdoor Nebraska is a small town. Or is there a word for what is smaller than a town? A village? Smaller than that. Hamlet? Crossroads? Not enough roads.

Whistle-stop? Train don’t stop.

You can buy milk in Backdoor. The cow is out back. Order hamburg and you can’t get milk no more.

Laundromat closed when the creek dried up.

Lack of size don’t stop us from trying. We’ve got a gas station and we plan to get some gas sometime. We’ve got a newspaper posted up. I found it over in Prune Grove.

Anyway, consider this a social-media advertisement for our new department store. As shone above, two coats are available for sale at this time. You’ve got to stop at the train crossing anyway, so come on over!

for Crimson’s Creative Challenge


withdraw from your life
observe the world without you
draw your conclusions

for Photo Challenge


blew smoke my cat’s way
potent blend of headspace drugs
felines not immune

for MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge


no human footprint
in this most remote forest
ever, and now, this

photo: David Kovalenko
for photo:Challenge and MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie