what have we here

found objects, lying forgotten on the ground
or in the gutter
a mitten, a note, an infant’s shoe
or seen from Olympus
the world and everything in it

for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge


nature’s guide to gold
now that most leprechauns have
moved into houses

for MindLoveMisery’s Photo Challenge


largest mammals make
smallest sperm; more are needed
to cover large pitch

largest sperm belongs
to fruit fly; it’s twenty times
longer than the fly

for Photo Challenge


Kids at the local schools tp (toilet-paper) houses for a prank.

Amaryllis, however, attends the Grenoblirich Academy for the Gifted. perhaps the primier academic institution in the nation (and the most expensive).

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our modern cities
depend on concrete; they’re not
as interesting

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birds lords of the air
wright brothers and others born
the sky weaponized

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Photo by MarkusmitK@pixabay.com

so long. trainyard. so long my friends, you diesel engines. loud and strong. as of tomorrow i’ll work only on electric locomotives. not diesel electrics, either. pure electric, clean and quiet. i love you but this railyard should become a boneyard.

for Twittering Tales


some dogs like water
now with melt and drenching storms
all dogs must like it

for Photo Challenge #281

that particular time of day

sunset’s afterglow
the afterlight, evening’s onset, eventide
the gloaming, the dimness of light’s ebb
then dusky, crepuscular half-light at nightfall
and of course all of it a metaphor for the last phase of senescence

for Thursday Photo Prompt


Found on picsart.com

once done with our world
leaving it bombed out used up
will man melt the moon

for Photo Challenge #280